Jasmin Cardenas, The Performance by Briana Samano

The story that Jasmin had told, was about how she was as a little girl and she had her friends from school come over to her house. And when she was saying the story she made a point to different cultures and religions. She did this by showing her friends when she came over that it is ok to be different, it is ok to have difference in you, because that is what makes you, you. She made her story with power. She showed that all religions are fun no matter how weird you think it is.
The performance with Jasmin Cardenas was very powerful. She really was in the mood to go up on that stage and show the amazing stories that she had prepared for us. She had put her voice and her emotions into the stories that she was saying. She had put in body motion and talent into this story. She really was prepared and ready to go and fly with these stories that she was telling. Her loud voice was showing that she was ready to go on and make her story have a point.
When I had left the the auditorium I was really into the story that she had made. I was still in the moment. I felt like she was going on and on with the story. She had really gotten into the point.