Story Critique by Ingrid Cifuentes

The performance I attended was Stories Around the World. This event took place at Logan Center for the Arts. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. Jasmin’s two stories are about Aztec people and a party/sleepover. Anne’s two stories were about three farmers and a crane woman. Lastly Oba’s two stories are about a bird party and a water porter. What I saw was 3 people standing in a triangle on a big open stage and it was dark but whoever was talking had a spotlight and there were also drums, chairs, seats, microphones, a cloth, dancing, and the storytellers holding imaginary objects while telling their story. I heard laughing, singing, clapping, drums playing.
The Stories
Jasmin’s stories were about The Aztec people and the second one was about a party she had which was a sleepover. What happened at her party/sleepover was that she only invited her two best friends and her african american friend didn’t like the event that much after she saw a cooked pig and a “bingo game” with a drunk man and a topless mermaid. Anne’s stories were about a banquet and the other was about a human female crane and it was weird because at the end we found out that she was making clothes out of her own feathers.
The Performance
What was most effective and strong was in Jasmin’s story when she was talking about loteria. I liked the hand motions she used and the different emotions and their actions and voices were funny while playing different people, and that the audience participated. And in Oba’s story his dancing and singing were strong in his performance/story.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message in all stories was to be yourself. In Jasmin’s story her friends thought she was weird because at her party she had traditions that happen at Mexican parties but at the end she kept being herself and her friends ended up liking her party even though it was weird.