The Best Sleepover by Eduard Manzo

On May 17, 2016 we went to Logan Arts Center at the University of Chicago to see “Stories Around the World”. The storytellers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba William King.
The story I really enjoyed was the one that Jasmin told about the sleepover. This story was mostly about how Jasmin had never been to a sleepover because her parents didn’t let her, but one day her mom told her that she could have a sleepover and she could only invite three friends; she was so excited, but also nervous. She thought that her friends will not like her traditions and her culture like the pinata, Loteria game, and the food. The main message was that being different doesn’t matter, and that you need to be yourself, also that it is okay to be different and that everyone has different traditions and culture.
I had many reactions to this story, the story Jasmin told made me think that everyone is different and that doesn’t matter. I felt like I was in the story because of the way she was describing her personal experience. The tone of the story is happy because she was very excited because it was a personal story. What I thought of the performance was that she and the storytellers did a very good job, because they used their hands to demonstrate something. Also Oba used his drum to make music and also he made a song out of the story he was saying. They also used body expressions and used different voices. Jasmin was talking in Spanish and in English when she was saying her stories. Anne changed her voice sometimes and Oba also did a great job changing voices, since he used different voices when he was talking about the birds.
Jasmin did a lot of interaction with the audience as well as Oba when he asked us to repeat some words when he was singing. I like the way Oba played his drum because it made it made the story more interesting. The overall message of Jasmin’s story was that it doesn’t matter if you are different and also that how you look doesn’t really matter. The main message of Anne’s was, don’t be a follower, be a leader and the second story is about karma. Oba’s message was that it is what’s on the inside that matters and it does not matter if you are broken. Much of the audience was surprised in some of the stories and were impressed.