The Blackbird’s Tale by Erick Gomez

Oba William King from the Logan Arts Center was one of the storytellers during the performance on May 17, 2016. Oba told a story about birds who all thought they were beautiful and told others. One day the birds decided to throw a party where every bird can come there was all types of birds with different colors. At the party all the birds were talking about how beautiful they were and what color their feathers were, one was red one was yellow and another was blue. At the party soon came the black bird. All the birds thought it was pretty and the birds stared at it.
The red bird came down and told the blackbird that it would look good with a black line around its neck. The blackbird was first hesitant at first and told the bird that it did not need the black line and it was beautiful as it is. But the red bird convinced the black bird to give the bird the black line and finally did. The red bird was ecstatic when the black bird did it and soon other birds saw and wanted something similar to the red bird’s black line. Soon the rest of the birds flocked towards the blackbird begging it to give them designs like the red birds. The blackbird was hesitant at first but soon gave in and told each bird that they didn’t need it but wanted it badly. The blackbird kept telling them that they were beautiful the way they are but they didn’t care and the blackbird did it. After that all the birds were happy because they got a certain designs, some got dots, lines, and some even got some on their beaks as well.
One of the messages that Oba’s story told was that it’s not the outside that matters it’s what’s inside that matters. Throughout the party and the requests they asked the blackbird it was hesitant towards giving the birds designs. It was hesitant because because the blackbird knew that looks didn’t matter but it was personality that was more important. Not only that but another part of its message was that you are beautiful and the way you were created is beautiful. That was what the blackbird was trying to tell the other birds at the party. This what Oba’s story was trying to point out that looks don’t matter it’s all about personality.
When Oba told the story I thought it was interesting and found it entertaining in my perspective. I found it entertaining because it was surprising how none of the birds considered themselves as pretty as the others. Or did not pick on a single bird for not being as pretty as that bird in that story. Not only that but what made it really entertaining was that he used his drums and sang. Later on he got the audience to sing along with his other stories and the one about the birds. A question I had thought of during the storytelling was that what if the blackbird did not give any designs to the other birds during the story. Or what if they considered one of the birds not as beautiful as the others.
One type of author’s craft that Oba told was description and detail when he was telling the story. When the red bird had just received the the line and the other birds came. When they begged he talked about how the blackbird gave them lines, dots, and colored their beaks. Not only this part but when Oba was describing the color of the birds and how they talked about what color their feathers were.
Another story that I found somewhat similar to the one Oba told was Jasmin’s story about her first sleepover. In Jasmin’s story she wanted to go to a sleepover but couldn’t because her mom didn’t know who they were. Something that I found similar was how Jasmin’s friends found her culture a bit weird and different, but in the story about the birds they wanted different because it would be unique to them and make each one of them beautiful and unique. Jasmin’s friends found her culture different but overall they found it fun and interesting. Both stories had different messages, for example the sleepover story message was different doesn’t mean bad it means different. Oba’s story’s message was looks don’t matter but what’s inside is what matters.
I liked all three performances, like Anne’s crane performance and Jamin’s Aztec performance and Oba’s. Each story was different, some were more serious than others and some had more of a happier tone like Jasmin’s. Some things that made each story teller different was that Jasmin made sound effects not only that but she acted out some of her lines. While Anne’s were more serious stories, one was pretty comedic like the one about the farmers. While Oba’s used drums and singing with his stories talking about life lessons and morals.
All six stories were unique and had different meanings and different tones and moods in them. Jasmin’s stories had been talking about different cultures and how different isn’t bad. But different means different and shed some light on how it feels to be introduced into a new culture. Anne’s second story about the villagers was more comedic. It was talking about how they were copying one villager who knew what to do at the emperor’s palace. But he ended up embarrassing himself and the others followed along and embarrassed him even more. Oba’s stories both had messages, one was it’s what on the inside that matters not the outside, which had to do with the birds wanting a design from the blackbird.