Who/What/When by Eileen Vasquez

In Stories around the World at the Logan Center of the Arts, Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima and Oba King say stories about 3 countries, Mexico, Japan and Africa. They each told 2 stories, they used hand motions, and they entertained the audience at the Logan Center for the Arts on Tuesday May 17, 2016. In the front of the stage, the lighting was bright. They had no costumes but they had props, they had loud voices while talking, and they even made object noises.
The Stories
Jasmine Cardenas said Mexican stories. Her first story was about the Aztecs and how they made light with the sun. The second story was about her friends at a sleepover at her house and her mom did something really different that her friends disliked but after they liked what Jasmin’s family eats, plays, does.
Anne Shimojima said Japanese stories. Her first story was that all farmers copied a man and when he dropped his food the farmers copied him. Second story was about a man who fell in love with a lady they were together and that lady made cloth but her secret was that she makes the cloth with her feathers and she told the man that do not look at her while she was making the cloth and when she was done the man went to sell them and one day a king told him that he will get a 100 golden coins for another cloth and he wanted the coins so badly and he looked at the lady when she told him not to. Oba King said African American stories the first one was about some birds who sang “I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful, we are all beautiful” and seemed that the birds were telling it to each other. The second story was that a wise man had a stick on the back of his neck and on the ends are bucket of water a man brought village and another man said that he was useless because one of his buckets had a hole and it kept on dripping water and the wise man told the man that he was not useless because every time the wise man passes he puts seeds on the grass so flowers would grow when the man passes dragging water and wetting the grass.
The Performance
I think the performance was entertaining because the performers made the audience repeat what he said and also they were saying about where their hometown was at and their stories had a lesson to learn. Also we learned a little about where they were from, and something that could’ve been different was I think they could have connected all 9 stories into one lesson at the end. Also, what I would remember was that these stories were really entertaining and interesting, and the performance made me feel entertained because the audience was entertained and I was part of the audience. Also they made me feel excited because I learned about Mexico, Japan and Africa.
The Takeaway
The overall message is that even if you’re different than other families you still like what they do, you might even have fun. Also that even if you think you’re not useful you are still are, and finally that anything someone tells you not to do don’t do it because you might lose them.