Who/What/When by Grace Garcia

My class and I went to a performance called “Stories Around The World”. It was performed at The Logan Center on Tuesday, May 16, 2016. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. All the stories they told were creative and their movements were also creative. Now I am going to focus on the two stories that Jasmin Cardenas told because the performance that she performed was my favorite out of all of them.
Jasmin Cardenas told two stories. One story was about the sleepover. She described what she did and who she invited. Also she said the point of view of other people. The second story is about the Aztec time when somebody had to sacrifice themselves. A lot of people didn’t want to but eventually two people did. I know many people will love these stories they are sure creative stories to tell.
I loved Jasmin’s stories. I liked how she told cool stories and made sound effects. For example if there was an explosion scene she would make a “boom” sound. I liked how the moves that she did were very creative. For example when a character was running she would run at one spot and pretend she is sweating or tired. The things that she could of worked on was that she would dress like the culture she is in. Her culture was Mexican so that means she could have worn clothes like dresses that they make in Mexico (if she lived there). I will always remember that Jasmin made me laugh. She made me laugh because in the story about a sleepover she was playing a game with a picture of a naked and drunk person. That was really funny because the way her friends said that it was weird. The performance made me feel happy. It made me feel that way because she made me laugh like when she did funny facial expressions when her friends saw what they were going to play at the sleepover.
The overall message is that any kind of cultural stories is a good story. For example if you are African American and you are hearing a story about Mexican culture, you could be surprised how good the stories are. Any story is wonderful and great to hear even if it is really different from other stories. So don’t judge a story by its culture.