Who/What/When by Jacqueline Rodriguez

The performance that I went to is called “Stories Around the world”. There were three performers called Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. They all told stories or legends that they’ve heard before in their nations or from their cultures.
Even though I didn’t go to this field trip I watched the video and I really wished I would’ve had been there. It looked like it was a lot of fun. When I saw the video I loved the poems because each one of the presenters had a story that kind of involved their culture. I also liked how they were dressed because all of the presenters were wearing clothes that was kind of related to their culture. The story that I liked the most was the one that Jasmin said. Her story was about how she had never had a sleepover before so she invited her friends on a sleepover. Her friends were kind of nervous at first because at Jasmin’s house things were kind of different but then the girls started to get into what they were doing with Jasmin. It was an awesome experience to see these people present for us.
I heard Jasmin, Anne, and Oba, they were saying stories that they’ve heard, but all of the stories were different cultures. Honestly I think that each presenter was saying a story that had to do with their culture or was related to their culture. There wasn’t a lot of light in the auditorium. And whenever the performers talked they sounded really loud. We went on that field trip on May, Wednesday 05 2016 in the Logan Center, it was in the auditorium.
I think that the overall message of the performance of Jasmin’s was that no matter what culture you are you will always have fun and for the other story that she said the overall message was that it doesn’t matter how you look like or what you have it matters what is inside (feelings). But the overall message for all of the stories were that no matter what culture you are you will always find something to entertain. I know this because all of the presenters were different cultures but either way they found a way to entertain us with their interesting or funny stories.