Who/What/When by Jonathan Garcia

Story Telling (Stories Around The World). Logan Center For The Arts. 3 story tellers: Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, Oba King. The stories that 3 story tellers told about: Aztecs, Japan, and the beautiful lives. Who – Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, Oba King. What – Some props like: microphones (3 to be exact) on the stage. Where – Logan Center For The Arts. When – 5-17-16. How – staging (where people are standing on the stage) – Very motivated storytellers with lots of hand movements and sound. Lighting – Kind of dark lighting. Costumes – Each from their culture. Sounds – An instrument being played (from Oba King).
The Stories
The first story which would be Jasmin’s was about how an old man who sacrificed his life to give light to the Aztecs (who are called Mexicans now) but bravely and thankfully after a young rich man was not as grateful, but he did that challenge but he was forced because he did not want to be fooled. The second story which would be Anne’s was about an old man from Japan that gave lessons to others and once he made a mistake and everyone else thought that he knew what he was doing so they did what he did (which they had done before (copy him) and he never taught again. The last story which would be Oba’s was about how birds were beautiful and others are beautiful just on how they look.
The Performance
When the 1st story teller (Jasmin) told us a huge story about the Aztec and Mexican tradition/Colombian tradition. I got to know a lot cultures from others. I think it was all great and that it does not need any kind of improvement at all because they all told us two stories that told us about their own culture and I thought that it was very cool to listen. I will remember that there are lot of cultures around the world and 3 different culture facts that were delightful to me because I got to learn lots of true facts all over the world. I have three feelings in total. Some would be enlightened because the Aztec story told me about the life of Mexicans/Aztecs in the past. Another feeling would be sad because the Japanese person got embarrassed. A third feeling would be cheerful because the birds said how beautiful they are/were.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message would be about the cultures from every person because they told their own cultures about their race, and it does not matter how you look, but what you feel/ how you are in the inside. But also, rather not in the outside. Also because what matters is how you think/are more than how you look. You can be better than if you don’t be the way that you want to be with others and including yourself.