Who/What/When by Magaly Mora

I attended the performance Stories Around the World. At the Logan Center, the performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. The stage was set with low lights and there were chairs set up for each performer to sit in, also each performer was sat in a specific chair for example 2 people sat in the back and the person who was telling a story was in the front standing with a microphone.
The stories
The first story starts with “When I was little…” which makes me think that all the stories will be about the past and that each story will have a similar message. Also in the last story the storyteller had a surprise for everyone to participate in and have fun. Also the storytellers all had two stories to tell and talked with lots of enthusiasm and had many sound effects.
The Performance
The strongest things that the storytellers had and did was that they were very engaging and they were also entertaining. They were very clear about their stories’ morals. The first performer made many mistakes in her wording. The most unforgettable thing about the performance is the stories. The performance makes you feel like if you were actually there in the story as a character.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message of the stories is that different is not bad it’s just different. I know this because in the first story it says that Jasmin’s friends thought that what she ate was disgusting.