Yotzin Tzintzun

I went to the Logan Center For Arts to see Stories Around the World. I saw and heard so many stories told by Jasmine, Anne, and Oba. They had a story from each of their backgrounds and their heritages. They each told 2 stories on their turn. Anne’s was in the setting of China. Jasmine’s was in her home and in the in the time of the Aztec. Oba’s was in the setting of Africa. I thought that Jasmine’s stories were more interesting and had the most humor.
During the first two stories Jasmine told I noticed that her and Oba King used a very loud and a powerful voice to go along with their story. But later their voice would change characters. I noticed that Anne used a much softer and a quieter voice to go along with the old folktales that were in China and were calmer. Since the story would be funnier and calmer, the 6 stories had more of sound effects and so much humor. I liked that when they spoke their stories each was a type of loud or different ways of saying it. I was amused when their character changed.
When Jasmine, Oba, and Anne read they made a lot of movement with their hands and they did this to be more descriptive. Jasmine included noise and sound effects in the story she had said. Jasmine would make effects of fire, shouting and even another language. Oba used a original drum from Africa in both stories and changed voices. This was use to make the story pop and be more creative. In his story it would be more about nature and animals. What I enjoyed was that all three of them had used so much descriptive language and had made me feel as if I was there.
When one out of the three would speak they would stand on a stage and the other two would sit behind the person telling the story. They each had clothing on of the story to go along with it. Since in the morning I watched Gladiator I could imagine it better. I thought of it more like an old folktale. But in her story the message was more like don’t judge a book by its cover. The old man did not seem so worthy and the other seemed more stronger you would expect the stronger one would win but didn’t.
They used so much voice and action which allowed the story to rise. The story made me picture it so perfectly. I like how all of them made their stories with enthusiasm. Jasmine included noise and sound effects in the story she had said. Oba had used a original drum from Africa in both stories and his voice would change from low to high and because of all the characters in his two stories. Overall the performance was great and I hope to listen again. The stories connected with my imagination and dreams from the past of warriors, animals, and even about family.